Simplify Your Life and Get More Done in 9 Simple Steps!

Get clear on God's purpose and calling for your life and work, and create a simpler life.

The SPIRIT-LED Purpose Map guides you step-by-step in discovering your calling and ways to align your gifts, strengths, and skills to be more productive.

And the best thing is it's completely free—my gift to you!

"I kind of was already using anchors, I just didn't know it. This course has made me more aware of those anchors and to use them more efficiently. I really like the templates especially. They seem to be easy to use with the system."

- Toni Mills

Hey there mama!

Are you feeling "stuck" at home—not sure how to keep up with all of the demands? Laundry, meals, cleaning, bills—the list is endless.

Maybe you're even wondering if you made the "right" choice to be home. I mean, you could earn sooo much more (and keep your sanity!) if you just worked a 9 to 5 job.

And speaking of a 9 to 5 job... Some of you may be feeling "stuck" at work. Your heart is longing to be home with your children but you don't see a way to make it possible.

You've been praying and praying with (seemingly) no results. Is this really what God means for your life?

There is a way to know if you're following the right plan for your life—God's plan.

It's called the SPIRIT-LED Purpose Map. It's a step-by-step process for tuning in to the Holy Spirit's leading and identifying God's calling and purpose for your life.

It's your blueprint for ensuring your plans (and life) align with God's will for your life. 

This Purpose Map will show you how to:

S - Seek God's Will

P - Pray for Direction

I - Inventory Your Life

R - Record What God Reveals

I - Identify Obstacle and Solutions

T - Time Block for Greater Productivity

L - Live in Faith

E - Evaluate and Adjust

D - Don't Give Up!

==> It comes with a step-by-step guide along with audio teachings to help you discover and define your SPIRIT-LED purpose. And it's FREE!

You can live the life God purposes for you!

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Hi! I'm Roz

As a single mom of two who homeschools and runs a home business, I know what it's like to be BUSY and to sometimes feel like life is out of control.

To keep my sanity, I had to create a plan to help me juggle all of my priorities and responsibilities. I wanted a system that would help me better manage my home and my time—and the Anchor Method Block Schedule System was born. What a difference it has made in my life!

Now I want to help you create practical solutions that move you from overwhelm and frustration to clarity and freedom. And I'm confident this block schedule system will help you do just that.

Last chance to complete the form below and get instant access to your FREE SPIRIT-LED Purpose Map.

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