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Tap into Your Right Brain for Better Blog Planning!

This blog planner for work at home moms is designed to inspire creativity. Its colorful, fun design taps into your right brain, meaning you're planning with a balanced-brain approach.

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There are so many blog planners out there to choose from. But this printable planner is designed with the busy work-at-home mom in mind.

Pages included:

- 2 Cover Pages (Choose the one you like best)
- Blog Structure and Plan
- Annual Goals
- Year at a Glance
- Financial Recap
- Monthly Blog Goals
- Month at a Glance 2-Page Spread
- Blog Post Planner
- To-Do List
- Contacts

This fun and colorful planner allows you to use both your left (logical, analytical and objective) and right brain (creative, intuitive and thoughtful).

You see, our brains actually work best when both sides of our brain are engaged at the same time.

So this super cute and fun blog planner will help you focus on creative ways to grow your blog in style.

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